Our first encounter with this amazing plant was in 2013.  It has brought so many tremendous benefits and much healing to our lives. Upon the request of our community we began serving iboga to people looking to experience the many gifts it has to offer.  Now 5 years later after giving iboga to a few hundred people the next phase of this work is beginning – supplying iboga to the world.

Iboga we Supply

Organic, fair-trade and sustainability are core values and we are working with our suppliers to ensure that the iboga we offer meets these criteria. This is a journey that we hold a deep commitment to. The medicine is not just about the alkaloids interacting with human biochemistry – the medicine is the entire journey and our relationship with this holy wood which heals us.

Our Stance

Iboga is a profound healing plant and should be available to the world.  It is a very powerful teacher and not to be approached lightly or frivolously, yet benefits should not be restricted due to laws, fears or desires for excessive wealth.

The above stated we do not supply Iboga to countries where human laws threaten violence against those who do supply it.  It is not a battle we are currently posiitoned  to fight.  If you live in a country where the human-made laws call Iboga ‘illegal’ then we encourage you to fight these laws (start here by supporting the ICEERS legal defense fund). Consider traveling to a more open place to do your healing work with this plant.

Community Participation

Iboga.org is committed to being an active and positive partner in the global shamanic medicine community with a special emphasis on Iboga.

We allocate 20% of all profits made toward Iboga related projects such as:

  • Environmental Stewardship  – 5%
  • Cultural honoring and contribution towards traditional knowledge holders (Bwiti and Pygmy) – 5%
  • Blended shamanic & scientific Research – 5%
  • Legal support and challenge – 5%

Eventually these funds will be allocated via a blockchain service of some sort so they can be deployed transparently and trustlessly. If you have a project in any of these areas and are interested in working together or need support please do get in touch.

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