Iboga is a Powerful Spiritual Catalyst

Iboga for Awakening

An Iboga ceremony is, for most, a life changing experience.   Ceremonial use in the way we speak of it means taking Iboga with an experienced facilitator in a intentional & ritual setting. The original ritualists working with Iboga were practitioners of Bwiti a spiritual lineage which arose in West Africa (the Bwiti practitioners were given Iboga by the pygmies who were given Iboga by the forest).

Support – With Iboga it is essential to have someone with you (see Using Iboga Safely).  To help take care of you and support your body and also to help you remain calm and centered during the intensity of the experience.

Set -What called you to Iboga? Why are you embarking upon this journey

Setting – Are you in an environment which feels safe and held?  Is the space being held well? Is it dark?  (you become very light sensitive while journeying with Iboga)

Dosage – This can vary from 6-30grams of rootbark depending on what you are wishing to achieve.  A good way to dose is to use kineseology asking your body what the total dose it it wishes to receive.  Better than taking your whole dose at once is to dose in 3-4 stages about 1 – 1.5 hours apart.  This will give your body a chance to acclimate to strength of the medicine.

Eventually we would love to include a list of facilitators on this website.  For now however prohibition and control-minded human-made laws make this difficult. Most practitioner do not want to be listed publicly.  Ask around your local medicine circle who is serving Iboga in a ceremonial and ritual context.  Then do some good vetting by speaking with them directly and speaking with people who they have worked with.

Working with Iboga Ceremonially

  1. Read the Using Iboga Safely page
  2. Read the Preparing to Work with Iboga page
  3. Find a good facilitator.  We can make recommendations based on your location if you fill out the form below.  We pass your details on to potential facilitators and they then contact you.

Inquire about Iboga Ceremonies

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