Microdosing is an incredibly safe and effective way to experience the benefits of Iboga

Iboga Microdosing

Microdosing entails using small doses daily and allowing the Iboga to build up in your system. Microdosing can provide many of the benefits of Iboga without the intensity of a journey, it is also excellent preparation before journeying.

How to Microdose.

1. It is essential when using iboga to not combine with other substances especially not pharmaceutical medications, alcohol or opiates. A little tobacco or coffee is okay but your results will be much better on a clean body system.

2. Often the best time to take is in the early evening after work for the day is finished. Not too late as at lower doses Iboga can be stimulating and make it harder to fall asleep.

3. The amount of Iboga does build up in the system so the effects will become stronger and more noticable as the microdosing continues.  If necessary it is possibly to move to dosing every second day.

4. Keeping a diary recording the effects of the iboga and what one notices is very effective and enhances the work with iboga.

5. Combining with any form of discipline, awareness or spiritual practice is very effective.

Benefits of Iboga Microdosing

  1. Enhanced awareness of unconscious and sub-conscious patterning.  Iboga gives one much deeper insight into the structures of your thinking and habitual use of mind.
  2. Unlocking of past difficult patterns in the DNA inherited via epigenetics.
  3. Massive boosts to the brain and central nervous system
  4. Resetting of the reward pathways in the brain.
  5. Joy and feeling goodness as the iboga gets converted into nor-ibogaine.
  6. Enhanced willpower- not from a place of force but from a place of understanding the barriers in the way to gracefully meeting the demands of life.
  7. Relief from trauma
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