Iboga is the Premier Brain and Nervous System Medicine

Healing with Iboga

Iboga has for some time had a reputation as a phenomenal support for those seeking to end substance addictions and addictive behaviors.  This is due to its ability to deeply rewire the awareness. Some of the issues Iboga has proved tremendously helpful for.

1. Substance addiction

2. Addictive behavior

3. Brain and Nervous system complaints such as Parkinsons, Alzheimer

4. Age related neuro degeneration.

5. Parasite cleanse (we have heard of success in a very difficult cases of lyme &  bilharzia which had resisted other treatments)

Working with Iboga or Ibogaine Therapeutically

  1. Read the Using Iboga Safely page
  2. Read the Microdosing Iboga page
  3. Find a good provider or treatment center. Also take personal responsibility for checking that the treatment center are doing things properly. Make sure you have studied the GITA clinical guidelines for Ibogaine Treatment. Iboga Safe do excellent work training providers, check if your professional has worked with them.
  4. We can make recommendations based on your location if you fill out the form below.  We pass your details on to potential facilitators and they then contact you.

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