Proper use of Iboga requires presence, care and attention

Using Iboga Safely

People have died while using iboga.  Deaths are much more common than with some other shamanic medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms or Salvia Divinorum. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. Iboga has a reputation for helping people with long standing drug addcitions.  These people are often very debilitated and in generally poor health and addiction reset requires large doses of Iboga or Ibogaine. This poor health combined with the  necessity for such large doses means higher risks.

2. Some of the clinics working with addicts are clearly doing the work for purely commercial reasons. This leads to poor choices such as insufficient screening,  leaving people unattended, mixing Iboga with other drugs and generally not paying sufficient care or respect.

3. There is more body stress than some other medicines.  There is a relatively high body load with Iboga, this is because of the nature of the way it works taking one deep into the unconscious and immobilizing you physically at the same time.

Before taking Iboga or Ibogaine please study the deaths from improper Iboga use.  Knopwing what went wrong can help you with your awareness in how to approach things correctly. You can find a list of the fatalities and description of what happened on Myeboga:

Working Safely with Iboga

  1. Prepare.  Do lots of research and study beforehand.
  2. Always have someone attending you.  95% of serious issues occuring during Iboga work happened because the person journeying was left unattended. This is the number one safety tip. You need support on an Iboga Journey.
  3. If you are doing an Ibogaine treatment for addiction make sure you have studied the GITA clinical guidelines. Iboga Safe do excellent work training providers, check if your professional has worked with them.
  4. Don’t mix Iboga with other plants or drugs. Because of its primary action on brain receptor sites Iboga can massively increase or change the effects of other substances.  Very little research has been done in this area and by far the afest approach is to use iboga on its own once other substances are out of your body.
  5. Start with lower doses and become accustomed to the  medicine.  Microdose, then do a few mini floods and then consider a full flood (if in fact you even need to do one).
  6. Get into the best possible health condition you can before taking Iboga. If you have any health concerns get yourself checked out thoroughly.
  7. Cleanse prior to working with Iboga. Doing cleanses such as a juice fast, enemas and a Kambo cleanse before working with Iboga mean that there is far less resistance in the body when the Iboga enters.  This makes the entire experience easier.
  8. Eat nothing or very little on the day of the journey.  The less food in the system the less purging (vomiting) and the fewer issues you need to confront.
  9. Dose gradually.  Split your dose into at least 3 (more can work better) and take it over time. If you dose gradually over some time, especially with rootbark this gives the body time to process and get used to the intensity of the Iboga.
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