Iboga.Org Coming Soon…

Iboga.org is being created to be the most comprehensive resource on the Web for Iboga and Ibogaine Therapy and is currently being designed and developed. It will deal with all aspects of this Sacred Medicine from it’s Shamanic roots, through its transformative psycho-spiritual potential to its most refined clinical applications.

We will also be offering the highest ceremonial grades of Iboga root bark (cultivars from Gabon, Cameroon and DRC), very high spec Ibogaine HCL (from actual T. iboga, not synthed from V. africana) and a number of different TA extractions as well as a unique, first ever, TA HCL.

We’re expecting to launch early in 2018, so join our email list using the form below if you want hear from us when the site is ready. Or send us a message if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback – we’d love to hear from you.


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